Unholy are a force to be reckoned with! New Life Behind Closed Eyes is a pounding metallic masterpiece. With the release of this, their latest disc, the metal world will never be the same.

A brutal pounding awaits the listener from the very first tune “Seeker Immortal” and continues straight through until the very last track. This disc works on many different levels by incorporating numerous different elements from the metal genre, and is the reason I am so drawn into it. Not only is it uncompromisingly heavy but there is also a great deal of melodic undertones running through it that add a depth and a complexity that make them more than just another pissed off speed metal band growling into the mic.

Musically, the playing is top notch with tons of extremely tasteful guitar breaks and solos. Production wise, New Life Behind Closed Doors is top of the line as well. It is big, it is muscular and it is ballsy.

Personal favorites of mine on this disc include the driving, at times chugging and groove laden tune, “Look To The Blood,” (I dare you to keep your neck still once this song gets going, I found it impossible) and “Behind The Veil Of Darkness”, another tune that stood out as being exceptional. It is a thoroughly pissed off, balls out metal tune that I needed to crank up and listen to repeatedly.

I have to say though that for me the best song is the title track, “New Life Behind Closed Eyes,” the thrashy intro, combined with a great groove really made this my favorite on the disc. I feel confident that metal fans of all genres will really dig this record and I recommend it without even the slightest reservation; this is a damn good CD. Check it out.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Seeker Immortal
02. Children Of Eternal Sleep
03. These Wounds Never Heal
04. Into The Flesh Of Another
05. The Blinding Light
06. Look To The Blood
07. No Faith
08. The Followers
09. Behind The Veil Of Darkness
10. New Life Behind Closed Eyes

Run Time: ??:??
Release Date: 05.12.2009