Prey For Sleep’s debut CD, A Bitter Beginning is an ultra brutal, ultra-violent album full of all out aggression. Each song on this disc is delivered with an uncompromising intensity that is full of hate and venom typical to the death metal and extreme music scenes. Most of the songs seem to get lost amongst the overpowering and at times unbearable screams and growls. This is readily apparent in the tune, This Is “How People Die,” which as far as I am concerned is a distorted, overdriven mess. The only thing I can make out are the bothersome screams. At times things get so indistinct it just seemed to be an exercise in noise or better yet futility.

Besides being inexorably heavy the songs on A Bitter Beginning are loaded with blatant, unconcealed anger that is runs throughout the disc. The only way I was able to make out what was being said was by viewing the lyric sheet in the CD insert. According to the liner notes, the band would like to thank, “everyone who made us so goddamn bitter… this is only the beginning.”

That is a scary proposition because I tried really hard to find anything on this disc that resembles anything musical or has a redeemable quality of any sort and I came up empty handed. This disc is a mess from the start and the train wreck continues on to the last track.

Everything seems to be pushed to the extreme here, the distortion, the screaming and the lyrical content. Honestly, this is a disc that I would recommend staying away from unless you fancy a pounding headache and twenty-five minutes of your life that you can never get back.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Escape
02. Death To Reason
03. Bridges Were Meant To Be Burned
04. This Is How People Die
05. A Bitter Beginning
06. Empires Of Blood And Lust
07. Sins Of Unrest
08. Reborn
09. Eliminate All Rational Thought
10. The Frailty Of Words

Run Time: 25:36