In Borders, Toronto’s Green Go cross that invisible line between genres on so many occasions it’s difficult to pin them down as anything other than musicians, and very good ones at that. There are moments of spacey, chilled out funk subtleness. There are glimpses of infectious, purely electronic repetition, and there are bursts of energy so insatiable you feel you should be bouncing off the walls, like a school bully on a bouncy castle full of unguarded geeks.

In moments of slowed down, vocal-driven genius like “Set Me Free”, you can picture a swaying, sing-along crowd. The livelier aggression of tracks like “Put Your Specs on Boy” could easily provoke a bout of unrestrained moshing. The album is a tad repetitive at times, but there are two types of repetitive: wave your arms in the air and sing-it-back repetitive; and turn off this irritating beat repetitive. Green Go are very definitely the first one. Oddly enough, for all the genre fiddling and dance-influenced beats, the co-ed five-piece would probably feel most at home performing with rock bands.

Green Go are not without their faults, of course. The album drops off in quality significantly towards the end, and is also a little weak lyrically. Borders is the kind of album where lyrics aren’t particularly key – the music often speaks for itself – but there are definite hints of childishness and predictability to many of the words. Fortunately, this rarely detracts from the fun, quirky aspects of their music.

Borders is certainly not an album for the musical purists: if you know what you like and stick to it, you’d best give this a miss. For those who love to discover something refreshing, original and full of lively energy, however, Green Go are well worth a spin.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Borders
02. Put Your Specs on Boy
03. Brains for Breakfast
04. Cash Money Gremlins
05. You Know You Want It
06. Set Me Free
07. Bang
08. Watch Your Step
09. Ghosts of the Future
10. Fool Me Once
11. Danger Bay

Run Time: 37:40