The newest release from God Dethroned, Passiondale, starts things off with a chilling and ominous intro track entitled, “The Cross Of Sacrifice”. What follows is thirty-eight minutes of metallic mayhem and diabolic delight that will leave you physically spent and gasping for breath. The ten-track disc dishes out a healthy dose of brutality resulting in a collection of songs extreme metal heads are sure to enjoy.

Musically God Dethroned is downright unbelievable. Lightening fast riffs combine with massive Death Metal growls and drumming that is unfathomably fast; possibly some of the fastest I have ever heard. The best examples of this can be heard on “Poison Frog” and “Fallen Empires”.

“Under A Darkening Sky” gets the ball rolling and chaos ensues for the duration of the disc. Tracks that stood out to me as being exceptional are, “Drowning In Mud” and the title track “Passiondale,” which is a bit slower than the rest of the disc and features a very cool, harmony laced intro.

The band has also included a melodic instrumental outro track, “Artifacts Of The Great War”, which definitely helps the listener to gain their composure and recover from the sonic beating they have just withstood.

God Dethroned definitely ups the ante with Passiondale. It is unremittingly, punishing, furiously fast and unquestionably a disc for those who like a bit more brawn in their musical diet. A bit too extreme for my liking but a good disc overall and an extreme metal heads dream come true.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. The Cross Of Sacrifice
02. Under A Darkening Sky
03. No Mans Land
04. Poison Frog
05. Drowning In Mud
06. Passiondale
07. No Survivors
08. Behind Enemy Lines
09. Fallen Empires
10. Artifacts Of The Great War

Run Time: 38:06
Release Date: 04.28.2009