Episode Summary: What does it mean when The Governor comes out of his house and sees his shadow? It means another 2-plus hours of mighty metal hilarity courtesy of a brand new episode of The Governor’s Ball!

Tune in to hear The Governor chats with Cannibal Corpse guitarist Rob Barrett about his career in and out of the band and the true homicidal nature of their latest album Evisceration Plague. This is the first half of a two part interview feature with Cannibal Corpse. Stay tuned to The Governor’s Ball in the coming weeks for Part 2.

Also this episode is co-hosted by Toronto’s Visions of the Night who join The Governor for a mighty bout of the drinking and beef consumption!

Plus on “Some Sly Advice” Sly answers questions from Visions of the Night… and listen for your chance to win tickets to The Governor’s Bash 4 – May 9 in Toronto featuring Fuck The Facts, The Great Collapse, and Sylvus!

Download (PART 1): The Governor’s Ball feat. Cannibal Corpse – Apr 13/09 (Part 1)
Download (PART 2): The Governor’s Ball feat. Cannibal Corpse – Apr 13/09 (Part 2)

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