Fans of As I Lay Dying rejoice, This is Who We Are is the definitive DVD collection you have been waiting for. Packaged with three DVDs this box set is guaranteed to provide hours of viewing pleasure.

The first DVD is a documentary of sorts and contains exclusive one on one interviews with current band members as well as ex-band members, (and there are quite a few of them), family members and many others that have been actively involved in the bands successful rise to the top of the Metalcore scene. I found this disc not only incredibly informative, but also quite enjoyable to watch. The production is top notch and similar to programs found on the Biography Channel.

The second DVD, entitled Live Progression, contains concert footage from a variety of venues. There are a variety shows chronicled on this disc, which begins with a performance of “Falling On Deaf Ears” from a show at Seacoast Community Church. Also included are shows from the annual Christian music festival Cornerstone and The Grove Of Anaheim. By far the highlight of this DVD for me is the bands performance at the Wacken Open Air festival. The energy and the passion that these guys play with is unrivaled and unmatched and I found myself wishing that I had been in that audience. I have never had the opportunity to catch the band live but I am going to make sure I find a way to do so the next time they are in my area.

DVD 3 contains eight different music videos including some of my favorites such as “Darkest Nights”, “94 Hours” and “Nothing Left”. There is also some bonus footage on here that among other things, includes interviews with the road crew and a whole section where band and crew get their groove in what they call the “dance party.”

Bottom line, this is a terrific collection of video footage that is sure to please any metal fan. The quality of the footage is at times stunning, (which is not always the case with live DVDs) and there were definite moments where it made me feel as if I was right smack in the middle of the crowd. This Is Who We Are is a phenomenal offering from a phenomenal band and is well worth the price of admission.

Track Listing:

Disc 1:


Disc 2:

01. Falling Upon Deaf Ears
02. Forever
03. Meaning In Tragedy
04. The Darkest Nights
05. Separation
06. Nothing Left
07. An Ocean Between Us
08. Within Destruction
09. Forsaken
10. Distance Is Darkness
11. I Never Wanted
12. The Sound of Truth
13. 94 Hours
14. Through Struggle
15. Reflection
16. Confined

Disc 3:

01. Nothing Left
02. The Sound of Truth
03. Within Destruction
04. Confined
05. Through Struggle
06. Darkest Nights
07. Forever
08. 94 Hours

Run Time: 300:00
Release Date: April 14, 2009

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