I have said it in previous reviews but I feel as though it needs to be said again. I feel that the Death Metal scene is becoming inundated with run of the mill average bands cranking out sub par CDs. It seems that virtually anyone with a guitar can crank out a disc, growl a bit and call it death metal but I believe that this does a great disservice and quite a bit of damage to the genre as a whole. There are many quite amazing Death Metal bands out there with amazing chops and songwriting skills; unfortunately, I do not believe that this is one of them.

Musically the Abacabb does an okay job with some decent riffing and speed drumming. Vocally though I think they fall into the scenario I set forth earlier by just screaming and or growling just for the sake of it. To me the vocals are as annoying as can be and really were a deterrent preventing me from digging deeper into the disc. As far as production goes, it is not much better. Things seem to get muddled up and messy and really for lack of a better word cluttered.

I had a hard time with this disc. Maybe I just do not get it but with the growing popularity of Death Metal and seemingly everyone jumping on the bandwagon the music has to be good to standout. Unfortunately, I do not think this was accomplished on Survivalist[ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Introduction
02. Infection
03. Addiction
04. Regression
05. Survivalist
06. Destruction
07. Articulation
08. Devastation
09. Rejection
10. Isolation

Run Time: 40:10