The moment you pop the Electric Revival into your CD player you will immediately be transported back to the Mid-Seventies and when Southern Rock ruled the airwaves. Not only do Zach Williams And The Reformation pay homage to the masters of the genre, (Lynyrd Skynrd, Molly Hatchet and Joe Cocker), but they add their own brand of musicianship making this a refreshing collection of tunes and not just a rehash from the past.

The 70’s vibe is present throughout the disc with lots of slide guitars, pianos and traditional unpretentious lyrics that deal with everyday issues in life. The one aspect of this CD that really caught my attention is singer songwriter Zach Williams vocals. The man is fully immersed and emotionally invested in the lyrics; the result is that each of the stories he is telling drip with passion… you almost cannot help but feel what he is feeling.

Electric Revival has a mature feel to it almost as if these guys have been playing together for three decades making it hard to believe that the band was formed only a year ago in 2008. The mucianship and the songwriting on this disc are out of this world.

I really did not find any song on here that I disliked but the two songs that stood out to me as exceptional are the slow burning “Angel With A Broken Wing” and the piano driven “Take Me Home.” Both of these tunes are good examples of the powerful yet extremely expressive vocals of Zach Williams.

Bottom line, this is a really good disc. Zach Williams And The Reformation have put together an enormously soulful collection of tunes that just plain rock. Check them out you will not be disappointed.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Set You Free
02. Fools Gold
03. Can U Feel Me
04. Empty Dreams
05. Stronger
06. Angel With A Broken Wing
07. Two More Days
08. Without You
09. Take Me Home
10. Midnight Ride

Run Time: 44:31