Upon listening to the first minute or so of this release I thoroughly thought that I was going to have to find the stamina to wade through yet another inexorably heavy and punishing collection of tunes with very little to offer but a headache. So with a bottle of aspirin in hand I sat back hesitantly to listen to the rest of the disc.

Boy was I wrong! While this is an unbelievably heavy disc at times, there are many layers at work here. Mixed in with the growls and screams is a clean vocal that adds harmony and melody and enough of a dynamic to make the tunes promising and interesting. In my never humble opinion, to me this disc is visceral and exhilarating all at the same time.

“Like Changing Seasons”, stands out as my favorite of the bunch. It begins with a chaotic fervor eventually incorporating some of the aforementioned melodic elements making it more than listenable and almost catchy.

“Trashmouth” is a balls out, heavy-as-hell tune and even though it does not offer much in the way of diversity, it certainly caught my attention; possibly the propulsive drumbeat that creates a super cool groove.

While Vanna definitely has not reinvented the wheel here, I feel the addition of elements that are more musical help it to stand out in an overcrowded genre. Check this one out.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Let’s Have An Earthquake
02. Into Hells Mouth We March
03. The Same Graceful Wind
04. Like Changing Seasons
05. Trashmouth
06. Safe To Say
07. We Are Nameless
08. Sleepwalker
09. Where We Are Now
10. Ten Arms
11. Life And Limb
12. The Sun Sets Here

Run Time: 42:20