Catch For Us The Metal is the debut release for Wounded Records recording artist The Tug Fork River Band. These guys have an interesting band name with even more out of the ordinary song titles such as “Bad Intentions For A Billy Goat” and “Duct Tape Fixes Errthing.” To be honest, I was a bit leery when I popped it in my player.

Don’t let any of the titling fool you though. What awaits the listener is a straight forward, no holds barred Metal Record with a southern fried flair that is really a good listen. The Tug Fork River Band really bring a lot to the table on their first disc by mixing things up and keeping each and every track fresh and inventive.

At times, they can be inexorably heavy as in the tune “Pound, Explode, Pound Pound, Explode,” which is driven by a chugging, monster guitar riff that will no doubt get the neck a snapping. The band changes it up however, on the very next song “Amazing Grace (House Of The Rising Sun)” which is a subdued combination of the Bird’s song “House Of The Rising Sun” and the classic spiritual hymn “Amazing Grace”; a very interesting amalgamation that believe it or not works quite well.

Nevertheless, by far my favorite tune on this disc is “Date Of Birth.” This tune is a slow grinder with a killer riff very much in the southern metal vein. In terms of lyrical content the passionate and at times angst-laced, contemplative, soul-searching lyrics are visceral and geared towards a more positive message than the formulaic negative and abrasive metal attitude that is so readily evident in the metal scene.

This is the band’s debut release and they are clearly out to demonstrate they have what it takes to attain longevity. Catch For Us The Metal is a solid CD packed with good songs that absolutely deserve a listen.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Catch For Us The Metal
02. Canadian Geese Ain’t ‘merican
03. A Cry To All Nations
04. Bad Intentions For A Billy Goat
05. Gravedigger
06. Pound, Explode, Pound Pound, Explode
07. Amazing Grace (House Of The Rising Sun)
08. Date Of Birth
09. Bleeding Tree
10. Duct Tape Fixes Errthing
11. Metal The Us For Catch

Run Time: 42:02