Lizzy Borden’s latest visual spectacle, the video for “Under Your Skin”, from the band’s latest, “Appointment With Death”, will premiere on on Thursday, March 26th. Its TV debut will occur on MTV 2’s Headbangers Ball on Saturday, March 28th.

Vocalist/mastermind Lizzy Borden comments on the creative process behind the video: “After our last video “Tomorrow Never Comes” was nominated for video of the year on MTV’s Headbangers Ball we thought we had to step up the visuals big time on our next one. For the “Under Your Skin” video we knew we wanted a storyline that mirrored the lyrics to the song. I wrote Skin about the teenage phenomenon that is happening to one out of every two-hundred teenage (mostly girls), that phenomenon is called cutting.

The video for “Under Your Skin” follows the lives of three very different girls, a rich girl neglected by her parents, a cheerleader with a “nothing’s ever good enough” mother and a poor girl with an alcoholic father. The girls all have complete opposite backgrounds but share the same big secret, they all cut themselves. In the video, Death (played by me) stalks the girls just waiting for the one who, on this occasion, will cut a little too deep.

We recruited first time director Ann Potenza for the job; she understood this song completely and wrote a great treatment that we all loved right away. She then recruited director of photography Gigi Malavasi to complete the team. Joey Scott (Drummer of LB) and Ann scouted locations and hired our cast, (the rich girl in the video is my niece, Christina Farr).

We wanted something that would showcase the song and the band, but with this video we got a whole lot more. My goal has always been to entertain, but if we can bring awareness to something like this, all the better. I was at a party recently talking to some girl and telling her that our new video was about cutting, she showed me the scars on her arm, that’s how common this is. Hope you like the video and if you are or know someone that cuts themselves check out the PSA at the end of the video, there is information that may help.”

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