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Jet Black Stare

In This Life (07.15.2008)



If a stranger were to casually stroll up to you and strike up a conversation concerning music; namely the band Jet Black Stare (JBS) you just may think to yourself: “…is this guy actually trying to use my eyes as a conversation starter?” Shame on you for being so vain! Jet Black Stare does not reference someone’s eyes, but rather an up and coming band that is making waves with their hit debut album, In This Life.

In This Life is rammed full of catchy tunes all boasting good vocal work, simple yet catchy guitar and bass riffs, and consistent drum beats. Generally when you hear of a band with no outstanding talent then one would think there’s nothing special to go on about. However, Jet Black Stare find a way to combine their average (though notable) abilities into some great music.

Though not original – they have a sound reminiscent of acts such as Rev Theory, Theory Of A Deadman, and Nickleback, one can’t help but dig these tunes. In fact, if you were to combine these three aforementioned groups, you essentially get JBS. It’s sort of like the song writing capability of Rev Theory fused with the vocal styling of Nickleback and the instrumentation of Theory Of A Deadman. Cookie cutter? Maybe. But certainly entertaining.

All in all, eleven tracks of solid, radio-friendly rock and roll make In This Life an album worth giving some recognition. Done before? Yes. Promise and talent. Yes!  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Ready To Roll
02. I’m Breathing
03. In This Life
04. Every Moment
05. It’s Over
06. Rearview Mirror
07. Fly
08. I Won’t Let Go
09. Poster Princess
10. The River
11. Next To Me

Run Time: 38:26

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