Another Day Has Passed is the newest release from Goes Cube. This disc starts off relentless and heavy as hell right from the very first note; the pounding is incessant and at times over bearing. My first thought was “here we go again, another non-descript metal band that is sure to get lost in the overcrowded genre.” While it is true that this disc does not stand out as phenomenal, it does have much more to offer other than speed, growling and extreme heaviness.

A good example of this can be found in the tune, “Restore” which is heavy but incorporates a slow burning, churning groove that offsets much of what the rest of the album is doing. Another good example and a damn good tune as well is “The Only Daughter,” which includes some great guitar work and a bit of melody.

I feel it is at these moments when Another Day Has Passed is at its best, the band seem to be very good at getting a good strong chugging groove going on that sort of sucks you in. This readily evident in the tune “I Hold Grudges,” which isn’t my favorite song on the disc as the vocals become a bit too much for me but, the groove that drives it is phenomenal, I really dug it. “Saab Sonnet” adds yet another dimension to this disc. By adding a much cleaner vocal and a slower tempo the band really shines.

Bottom line, even though Another Day Has Passed has some generic moments it is not a bad CD at all; it definitely has its moments of brilliance, especially during the slower heavier tunes.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Bluest Sky
02. Grinding The Knife Blade
03. Restore
04. The Only Daughter
05. I Hold Grudges
06. Saab Sonnet
07. Goes Cube Song 30
08. Back To Basics
09. Goes Cube Song 57
10. Urbana Champaign
11. Clenching Jaws
12. Victory
13. Another Day Has Passed

Run Time: 45:04