Post-punk act Assemble Me released their debut disc Sharks Human Danger in January of 2007 and were hoping to make their mark on the music scene. Well… this is exactly what they did and continue to do. This disc is a high-energy, rough around the edges, at times trashy-sounding punk inspired album that begs to be played at top volume. Infectious pop-punk with influences ranging from Jimmy Eat World, Green Day and Weezer this disc is immediately listenable and enjoyable with many of the tunes ready-made college radio friendly.

Highlights and or personal favorites of mine on this CD include “I Am The Bat” and “Thanks Steve” both of which are built around very trashy, yet very catchy riffs that grab a hold of will have you bouncing in no time at all. Other tracks worth mentioning are the incredibly diverse “Thirty Second Recap” and “Eyeball Sampson” which is probably my favorite tune of the collection. While these guys can be classified as a Pop-Punk band, there is also something about it that should makes it appealing to a broader spectrum of music fans.

Overall, Sharks Human Danger is a good albeit very short record (clocking in at just over eighteen minutes). Yes it may be an EP, but I was left needing more. If Assembleme can capture the energy in their live show that they have on this disc, there will be absolutely no space to move on the dance floor.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Medusa
02. Fever Pants
03. Thanks Steve
04. I Am The Bat
05. Thirty Second Recap
06. Eyeball Sampson

Run Time: 18:34