Brief Bio: Even before the release of Inside the Machine, THIS ENDING commenced working on their new album later to be titled Dead Harvest. Numerous songs were written but only 10 songs were chosen to be represented on the actual album. Two additional songs were recorded during the Dead Harvest sessions which are to be released on the first printing of the European edition. The recording of Dead Harvest saw THIS ENDING returning to Offbeat Studio, and after 2 months of gruelling work the recording was finally completed. The first mix and mastering were unsatisfactory to the band, so they chose to go back and re-mix and re-master the album, which pushed the release into 2009. Plans were also set in motion to create a video for the track Parasites. The song represents the trademark THIS ENDING sound by showing off the band’s broad spectrum of styles. The video was shot at two different locations over two days. The first location was Sweden’s first nuclear reactor, built in the 1950’s below Stockholm and long since decommissioned. Desolate and vast, some of the chambers of this massive underground vault had not seen a human soul in 50 years! It created perfect setting for the THIS ENDING theme. The second location was in the studio for some green screen shots, enabling epic, apocalyptic scenes in the video using CGI. THIS ENDING continue to deliver their own brand of death metal in grand fashion with Dead Harvest. The album evokes dark moods & concept while further distinguishing the band from its peers. Spanning from heavy riffs and mesmerizing melodies to blast beats and industrial sounds – Dead Harvest has it all.”  [ END ]

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March 08, 2009.

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