In Briefs: The Governor’s Ball: The “Mighty” Metal and Comedy Show, is proud to announce the online release of The Governor’s Ball: Mighty Hits Vol. 2! Totally 100% free to the public!

This, the second release by the mighty Governor, features clips of The Governor taking on many of metals most powerful players. Hear The Governor go one on one with Brian Posehn, Protest The Hero, Suffocation, Cradle of Filth, Gwar, Dimmu Borgir, King Diamond, and Judas Priest!

But that’s not all! Once again The Governor delivers a steaming dose of Canadian metal to accompany his brutal shenanigans courtesy of Deathmarch, Spewgore, Eclipse Eternal, Horde of Worms, The Womb, Talamyus, Scarlet Sins, and Empyrean Plague.

Now podcasting in its 5th season, The Governor’s Ball services the ravenous metal hordes hilarious metal action, exciting artist interviews, and skull-crushing metal in every episode. Also The Governor will soon be announcing another muscular live metal event for your headbanging pleasure.

download Mighty Hits Vol. 2 (RAR version).
download Mighty Hits Vol. 2 (ZIP version).

Track Listing:

01. Intro
02. Emo Wipe
03. Deathmarch – Written In Blood
04. Brian Posehn
05. Rody Walker of Protest The Hero Pt 1
06. Spewgore – Knuckle Sandwich
07. Sly’s Winter Adventures Pt 1 (feat. Ms Cali-fornia & Ms Latin Cali-fornia)
08. Mike Smith of Suffocation
09. Eclipse Eternal – The Dragon Has Come To Blot Out The Stars
10. Sarah Jezebel Deva (Angtoria / Cradle of Filth)
11. Horde of Worms – Ghostly Mournings
12. Who’s Got Beef? (feat little ting-a-ling)
13. Oderus Urungus of Gwar
14. The Womb – One With Nature
15. Rody Walker of Protest The Hero Pt 2
16. Silenoz of Dimmu Borgir
17. Talamyus – Pride of a Viking
18. King Diamond
19. Sly’s Winter Adventures Pt 2 (feat Sylvya & Cristina of Scarlet Sins)
20. Scarlet Sins – Own Truth
21. Rob Halford of Judas Priest
22. Empyrean Plague – We Are The North

Run Time: 79:42

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