On February 2nd, The Eyes Of A Traitor will be releasing their debut CD, A Clear Perception. The CD is a collection of brutal, in-your-face tunes that successfully meld elements of Thrash Metal, Hardcore and Death Metal into a wall of sound that is all their own. This disc is full of aggression and is a full on, balls out, heavy-as-hell record.

What makes this record stand out most is the vocalists unique blending of many different musical genres. He seamlessly alternates between low guttural growls, melodic screams and raspy shrieks, with the occasional clean vocal that adds nicely to the dramatic mood of the disc. A Clear Perception is muscular in stature and thoroughly pissed off, the music is relentlessly heavy and includes some stellar guitar playing and fantastic lead breaks that round out this well done debut record.

The songs that stood out the most to me on this disc are the opening track, “Under Siege” and “Echoes.” Both of which are straight up head bangers and display some great guitar playing. I feel the heaviest and most vicious tune on the record would have to be, “Hands of Time.” It starts with menacing growling vocals and some serious shredding that does not let up through the duration of track.

The Eyes Of A Traitor have managed to combine numerous heavy metal styles with a ferocity that should appeal to a wide section of the Metal audience especially those who are fans things on the more extreme side.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Under Siege
02. Like Clockwork
03. With Different Eye
04. Escape These Walls
05. Decorus
06. Misconceptions
07. Echos
08. Hands Of Time
09. The Impact Of Two Hearts
10. A Clear Perception

Run Time: 40:34