Seether is back and better than ever. With the release of Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces they have solidified their status as one of the best rock bands on the scene today.

From start to finish this is a great CD that demands to be listened to as loud as you can. The old adage “if it’s too loud you are too old” definitely applies to this record, you will want to kick back and crank it up. Every song is full of heavy yet hook-laden tunes that fans have come to expect from Seether. The thing I really dig about the band is their use of sharp wit and biting sarcasm in their lyrical content.

This is readily apparent on the tune “Fake It,” (which is actually a single from the CD as well,) “Just fake it if your out of direction/Fake it if you don’t belong here/Fake it if you feel like infection/Whoo, you’re such a fucking hypocrite”.

Really, every tune on here is excellent, but if forced to choose favorites I would have to say the opener “Like Suicide,” “Eyes of the Devil” and “FMLYHM,” (Fuck Me Like You Hate Me). The tune that stands out the most to me on this disc would have to be “Don’t Believe”; it is the heaviest tune on the disc and it freaking rocks like nobody’s business.

At the end of the day, Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces is absolutely a disc worth owning and will be a welcome addition to any rocker’s catalog.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Like Suicide
02. Fake It
03. Breakdown
05. Fallen
06. Rise Above This
07. No Jesus Christ
08. Six Gun Quota
09. Walk Away From The Sun
10. Eyes Of The Devil
11. Don’t Believe
12. Waste

Run Time: 50:48