Brief Bio: Stoner rock has had one foot in the grave for a few years now. Luckily, Mendozza is willing to kill it, bury it in unhallowed ground and resurrect it as a wild-eyed zombie, sprinting through the streets, hell bent for leather. They’ve been honing their seedy craft for just over a year now and is comprised of Guitar/Vocalist Deuce, tattooed drumming beauty Bina and bass extraordinaire Jeff. Over the past year Mendozza has made great gains in establishing themselves as a hardworking band both locally and throughout the U.S.A. Since January of last year Mendozza has independently released their debut album the ‘HMCS Uganda’ in June 2005 and their second long awaited full length album ‘Illuminairus’ in June 2006. Each song on ‘Illuminairus’ gets their fire belching formula right, kicking listeners square in the jaw and blowing smoke in their faces. It’s like being forced to headbang at gunpoint.  [ END ]

ONE (1) really like pEEp will take home a SICK prize pack with: 1 T-shirt, 1 Back patch, and 1 autographed copy of the new CD, White Rhino. Come on down ya’ll!

March 11, 2009.

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