Music in general is way more then just bands, though they are pretty much the main focus of our work, many genres of Art can correlate with what PureGrainAudio does. In this rare interview, I decided to temporarily stray from interviewing bands and instead ask an Alt-Model a few questions. Music creates fashion, and models are needed to display said fashion. Come with me into the mind of the gorgeous JessiKa Violet a young and already very well-known Canadian-born model… and keep your eyes on PureGrain for more JV.

How did you first get into modeling?
JessiKa: Like most girls, it was something I was interested in but didn’t know how to get started. A corset designer approached me at a Rob Zombie show telling me I should get into modeling. I started working with photographers to build my portfolio, and thankfully I was given many incredible opportunities. After a few great shoots I started getting booked for catalogue work.

What are the major differences in Alt Modeling as opposed to “regular” modeling, other then the obvious (tattoos, piercings, etc…)?
JessiKa: When I think of alternative modeling I think of “specialty modeling.” Like any other genre, there are specific garments, poses, attitude that fits the bill. There’s obviously a lot more room for creativity, and generally more acceptance of concepts & physicalities. There are minimal restrictions to your look, weight & age. Having said that it is still very competitive and you have to be on top of your game like all other types of modeling.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done so far in your career for a photo shoot?
JessiKa: The first thing that springs to mind is the photo shoot I did in LA with MichellexStar in 2008. I had tons of gigantic nightcrawlers in my mouth for makeup/beauty shots of a creepy nature. The 2nd that jumps to mind was when I was teetering on the edge of the Scarborough bluffs in 4” platforms. I could have died! I’ve always been an extreme person, and I always want to outdo myself. There’s very little I would not do in the name of art.

What has been the biggest motivation for you throughout your modeling career?
JessiKa: My motivation came from wanting to prove to myself I could do whatever my heart desired if I had passion and determination. I had a set of goals starting out that I absolutely had to accomplish, so my motivation was to accomplish those goals and to be happy doing it. I was never motivated by money or fame, I wanted to express myself and show people who I am through my art.

How many tattoos and piercings do you have?
JessiKa: It’s everchanging, but currently I have 21 piercings and roughly 10 tattoos/24 hours of ink. There are still several large pieces of work I’d like to get.

What piercings and/or tattoos that you have can’t the average person without x-ray vision see?
JessiKa: My most secretive tattoo I have is a pot leaf on my lower stomach. Not very many people know about it and are shocked that I would make such a permanent decision. As for piercings, Well, Let me put it this way, I have 18 that you can see. 😉

You play bass guitar as well, correct?
JessiKa: Yes, I’ve been playing bass guitar since high school. It all started in grade 9 when we had a draw to see who got the one bass in class. Needless to say, I won! I mess around with acoustic guitar when the mood strikes me. I also sing and am honing my voice and learning different vocal ranges.

Who/what are your influences, musically and in modeling?
JessiKa: I am influenced by Everything that surrounds me; Friends, Nature, Art, Love. After being in the modeling scene for a couple years, I grew to love Dita von Teese. She’s a great performer/entertainer and she’s absolutely gorgeous! Sheri Moon Zombie also comes to mind, that girl does it all! I am heavily influenced by Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, DevilDriver, Lamb of God, Pantera, Mudvayne, Slayer, Six Feet Under, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Zombie.

What do you enjoy more, playing music or modeling, or are they about the same?
JessiKa: Both are very artistic and incredibly rewarding. Music is definitely where my heart has always been. Although I am incredibly passionate about modeling, music was part of my life far before and will be far after.

Do you have any suggestions and/or advice for aspiring alt models?
JessiKa: Absolutely. Everyone’s career is going to be different. People are going to tell you “You can’t do this, you can’t do that.” Be strong and break those barriers down! The only things you can’t do are what You tell yourself you can’t. Don’t let anyone change you or your ideals, always stay true to who you are. Modeling is temporary, you want to make the right decisions for your career but also for Yourself.

Anything you’d like to say to your fans before we finish?
JessiKa: I would like to Thank everyone who has followed my work and supported me. Always follow your heart and your dreams… You deserve it All.  [ END ]