Since 1994, Devin Townsend has been wreaking havoc in the metal world with his main project Strapping Young Lad. As of recent however, his flare for SYL bean to die down, so he began to focus on other projects, one of them his solo work. This entire album was written, performed, produced, and mixed by Townsend himself, including producing the drums with Drumkit From Hell on a computer.

The album is basically just a story that Townsend wrote while he was bored which then evolved into an album. The story is about Ziltoid, who arrives on planet Earth and demands a cup of Earth’s finest coffee. But the coffee sucks in his opinion, so he declares war on the planet. Earth however has a hero that will protect them from the alien, and escapes to N9. In the end of it all, after quite the few laughs, it turns out it’s just some nerdy guy that fell asleep while working at a coffee shop. That’s a great end in my opinion.

The instrumental was really good. Well it’s to be expected, considering Townsend is one of metal’s finest musicians. The musical style actually resembles a bit of Strapping Young Lad, crossed with a bit of The Devin Townsend Band. The drum program used throughout the album is a pretty damn good program. It seems real, and not electronic.

Overall, I was really impressed with the album. To come up with such an original story and to do all the instruments single handed is quite a thing to accomplish. I just hope Townsend doesn’t give up his flare for SYL, considering there isn’t a chance to do a follow up album to Ziltoid.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. ZTO
02. By Your Command
03. Ziltoidia Attaxx!!!
04. Solar Winds
05. Hyperdrive
06. N9
07. Planet Smasher
08. Omnisdimensional Creator
09. Color Your World
10. The Greys
11. Tall Latte

Run Time: 53:40