When I first picked up the latest Canobliss release, Liberation Of Dissonance, I honestly had no idea what to expect. I was thinking possibly Stoner Metal but a quick glance at the cover art and I then assumed that I was going to be listening to yet another Death Metal band. I was wrong in both cases.

With a style similar to that of Monster Magnet or even at times System Of A Down, Canobliss are definitely not what I was expecting. The tracks are hard-hitting, the guitars are crunchy and the vocals are quite powerful. While the band does bring the heaviness, especially on tracks such as “Liberation Of Dissonance” and “Hello”, they have not recreated the wheel and I couldn’t help feeling that I had heard these songs before.

The cover art is detailed and abstract featuring a demonic face in a swirl of clouds, but the rest of the packaging though is virtually unreadable. The combination of pink text over a light blue backdrop make the credits and lyrics are extremely difficult to read and for the most part my attempt at doing so was unsuccessful to say the least.

Although there are a few heavy tunes and a bit of diversity on Liberation Of Dissonance I feel that many of the songs started to settle in to the same patterns, which in the end made them sound uneventful. While this album does have its moments, I believe it just may find itself sitting on the shelf shortly after this review.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Riot
02. Insurrection
03. Sinister Minister
04. Liberation Of Dissonance
05. Hello
06. D.I.Y.E.
07. Pneumatic
08. Automation
09. Independence
10. Worldwide Criminal Affair

Run Time: 45:11