The masters of mayhem are back with their brand of Nordic and Viking infused Death Metal. This time out Amon Amarth has put together a two-disc set that includes newly re-mastered versions of some classic tunes. Also included in this package are eight live tunes that truly capture the band at their best when tearing up the stage. All the intensity and energy that we have come to expect from the band’s studio recordings has been amped up to the max. The only thing missing from the live disc is a pit full of hyped up, adrenaline fueled, soaking wet fans pummeling into each other.

I have never really been fond of live recordings; I feel that they are more often than not vanity projects or even worse, filler to keep record sales flowing while the band is putting together new material… and many times the quality is an issue. I do not necessarily believe this is the case with Once Sent From The Golden Hall. The quality of the live recording is surprisingly good, I imagine it was no easy task to capture the essence of these guys with everything going on but I think this was successfully accomplished here.

While I admittedly have not been the biggest fan of Amon Amarth in the past, this is a good record from a band that has helped define the Death Metal genre; and that is no small feat. I was really impressed with the way the band sounds live, I would never have imagined that they could recreate their classic tunes in a live setting and actually make them better than the studio versions, but that is what has happened here. This is a solid release that really showcases what the band is capable of and I feel that fans of the band will be overjoyed, if not downright ecstatic, with Once Sent From The Golden Hall[ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Ride For Vengeance
02. The Dragons’ Flight Across The Waves
03. Without Fear
04. Victorious March
05. Friends Of The Suncross
06. Abandoned
07. Amon Amarth
08. Once Sent From The Golden Hall
09. Siegreicher Marsch (Victorious March – Bonus Track) 7
10.Ride For Vengeance (Live)
11.The Dragons’ Flight Across The Waves (Live)
12. Without Fear (Live)
13. Victorious March (Live)
14. Friends Of The Suncross (Live)
15. Abandoned (Live)
16. Amon Amarth (Live)
17. Once Sent From The Golden Hall (Live)

Run Time: 79:56