The Crywolf Broadcast are a natural resource for heavy hitting guitar riffs, in your face drum rolls, ear splitting vocalisation, and kick-ass bass guitar riffs. My Hero Is Me (the band’s debut album) has all the requirements for a solid post-hardcore CD.

“Be Well, John Spartan” is the fourth track on the CD and when listening to this song I caught glimpses of the OLD Atreyu. The guitar riffs are simple yet intriguing, and the vocals are harsh yet pleasing. All around it’s just a good song that brings back memories of a band I used to admire.

“Mississippi Blues Devil” is the tune that stuck out the most to me. It starts off with a semi-heavy guitar riff with gut busting drums and eardrum-shattering vocals, then moves into a traditional breakdown followed by a portion of much softer vocals. This leads into the interesting part; all the instrumentation cuts out, with only some finger tapping in the background when we hear the words: “I don’t need a woman tonight/a bottle of whiskey is doing me right/I don’t need a woman tonight/the Mississippi Blues Devil’s got me in her sight/that’s right.” From here we get some blues style guitar riffs which leads directly into a powerful guitar riff with the same verse. This was interesting to me because it demonstrated the broad musical horizons of The Crywolf Broadcast.

I enjoyed My Hero Is Me, the CD proved to me that there is still hope for the post-hardcore genre. I would recommend this album to any fan of All That Remains, From First To Last, or Atreyu.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Pirates Life For Me
02. When Peter North Goes South
03. Taylor Rain(On My Parade
04. Be Well, John Spartan
05. Cry Wolf Broadcast
06. Große Lügner Sind Große Zauberer
07. I Studied Metal at Juliard
08. How to Hold a Ghosts Hand
09. Mississippi Blues Devil
10. Beautiful Mind
11. Rated R for Rambunctious

Run Time: 51:57