Glam Rock is alive and well in the form of NYC based band Semi Precious Weapons. Every so often a band comes along that redefines the genre and this band’s newest CD, We Love You, is one of those instances. We Love You is a breath of fresh air in a scene that has been virtually stagnant for the past few years. With influences that range from The New York Dolls, T-Rex and Hanoi’s Rocks to Mid-Eighties LA Glam bands such as The Faster Pussycats these guys have put together one hell of a disc.

All the essentials you would expect from a good Glam release are here. The CD is gritty, trashy, coarse and full of explosive lyrics, sexual references and lots of dirty guitar riffs. This is particularly evident on the tune “Jesus” in which the androgynous looking front man Justin Tranter proclaims, “Move close, he touches her thigh/Closer, she bats an eye/Easy he buys her a drink/Sad, sad he’ll never touch no pink/Poor little boy was never told/The fish necklace made outta gold/Means down on you she won’t go/Jesus/She only wants to fuck Jesus.”

The CD is loaded with risqué language but the disc also includes two cleaner radio versions of the songs “Magnetic Baby” and “Her Hair Is On Fire,” which should make it into regular rotation on rock-oriented radio.

This is provocation from a true provocateur. One look at Tranter and you will realize that not only does he sound the part he lives and breathes it as well. He is the true embodiment of the Glam Rock scene and with his bleach blonde hair, smudged eyeliner and unbelievable swagger; Semi Precious Weapons are fated for bigger and better things. I have been a fan of this genre for a long time and I must say this is a really good record and I am giving it “two thumbs up.”  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Taste
02. Magnetic Baby
03. Semi Precious Weapons
04. Bleed To Heal
05. Genius
06. Her Hair Is On Fire
07. That’s K***
08. Jesus
09. Time Zones
10. Rock And Roll Never Looked So Beautiful
11. Magnetic Baby (Radio Version)
12. Her Hair Is On Fire (Radio Version)

Run Time: 41:51