While many of you readers might know the band as Profugus Mortis, these artists have recently changed their name to Blackguard. So if you see that name, you know it’s top music. These guys are a Folk Metal band based out of Montreal, Canada and while Folk Metal may not be all that popular, many of us have seen a steady rise in Folk Metal bands emerging all around the world. The Celtic “feel” always makes me want to bounce around like a lunatic; the genre has got to be one of the most fun sub-genres in metal today.

The use of synth, guitars, drums, bass, as well violins gives a feel as if we are listening to a fairy tale that has been told for ages. The violins give off a very authentic vibe, putting the listener in the Middle Ages, imagining ancient battles and wars.

My personal favourite on the album is “Upon The Raging Storm”. The violins are even more audible throughout this track than the majority of the other tracks on the disc. And the violins just so happen to be the best part! The addition of pinch harmonics clashes classic Celtic music with modern metal, which is a bit odd to hear, but still gets adrenaline pumping.

Profugus Mortis (now known as Blackguard) would be amazing to see live. I can easily imagine the band touring with Quo Vadis, Ensiferum, and perhaps even Moonsorrow. I just hope that happens!  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. The Fallen
02. Arm Yourself
03. Vile
04. The Darkest Hour
05. Upon The Raging Storm
06. Majesty
07. The Beauty of This Form
08. Last Paint
09. Automne

Run Time: 32:00