Reverse the name and that’s pretty much what the sound of the album, Lipstick on the Mirror is most similar to. The songs typical have pop themes; such as the usual story “I broke up with my girlfriend and she broke my heart”, or “she is a total bitch”, or even the sappy love song.

Although the lyrics are nothing exciting, they work because they are a good contrast to the punkish-metal sound that the band drinks forth. It is in actuality hard to describe Pop Evil’s sound, as it’s such a mix of different things. On the website it is described as rock/pop/alternative, but it’s a little edgier than alternative. It’s interesting how they mixed the two together.

The first couple of songs on Lipstick on the Mirror are good, but the same flow and energy doesn’t seem to carry through the whole album. Pop Evil is a band of very talented musicians, but their album, as a whole, has a monotonous sound. As you get halfway through listening to it, all the songs start to sound the same, and like a pop album, the same teenage theme of broken hearts and anger carries through; more so than the music.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Hero
02. Breathe
03. Shinedown
04. 100 in a 55
05. Somebody Like You
06. 3 Seconds to Freedom
07. Another Romeo & Juliet
08. Stepping Stone
09. Jupiter in June
10. One More Goodbye
11. Ready or Not
12. Hard Highway
13. Hey Mister

Run Time: 57:46