Nightwish are a huge band that need no introduction. They are the most successful band to ever come from Finland and boast album sales with more then 6 digits. They have also been at this game for 11 years, so let’s just cut right to the chase.

A huge reason for Nightwish’s more recent success is their lovely vocalist Anette. Although it is only her first album with the Finish wonderband, she has been a huge reason for the continued support of this legendary group. Her voice is like that of an angel; perfect pitch… and not to mention just the fact that she’s from Finland; what an irresistible woman! Anette did not disappoint me with her role in Dark Passion Play. When listening to the album pay close attention to “Bye Bye Beautiful” and you will see some of her finest work.

Another reason for the success of these Finish wonders is Marco, their bassist and back-up vocalist. His hands are steady with his trusted bass. However, I believe that it is his part in the vocals that really brought this album over the top. “Master Passion Greed” is my most preferred song due to this. His vocals are superb… one simple line that reads as “Hello, how are you?” made my spine crawl. The tone in his voice had that instant affect on me.

Some of the instrumentation that is found throughout the album reminds me of Cradle Of Filth. The guitar riffs used in some songs as “Whoever Brings the Night” and the piano used in others such as “Amaranth”. I might be somewhat crazy but it’s just a connection that my brain made.

If you are a fan of Nightwish you will love their newest album Dark Passion Play. If you are not a fan, give it a chance and you will most likely end up loving this band too. After-all, their sales alone prove that they have what it takes!  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. The Poet and the Pendulum
02. Bye Bye Beautiful
03. Amaranth
04. Cadence of Her Last Breath
05. Master Passion Greed
06. Eva
07. Sahara
08. Whoever Brings the Night
09. For the Heart I Once Had
10. The Islander
11. Last of the Wilds
12. 7 Days to the Wolves
13. Meadows of Heaven

Run Time: 75:47
Release Date: 10.02.2007