Every once in a great while a disc comes across my desk that grabs my attention from the very first note and holds it for the duration. House Of Heavy is one of those discs. The newest release from the band of the same name is a freaking unbelievable collection of songs start to finish. A metal masterpiece if you will.

I fully expected to be greeted by yet another run of the mill Death Metal or Metalcore band. I could not have been more wrong. Instead what I found was a series of huge, polished, amazing-sounding tunes that while heavy, also incorporate phenomenal vocals and monster harmonies that reminded me of eighties metal on steroids. House of Heavy has taken influences from earlier bands and then pumped them up to the max. I cannot say enough about the production; this is one phenomenal sounding record.

The disc opens with a heavy-as-hell instrumental intro that sets the bar so high I did not know if the band would be able to sustain it. Really there are far to many damn good tunes on here to single them all out but the ones that stood out for me are the harmonica infused, “The Blues,” as well as “Ride the Shotgun” and “Warpaint.”

Also worth noting is “God Vs. God” which begins as sort of an acoustic tune and morphs into a bombshell of song. By far the tune that I enjoyed the most is “Pure.” I cannot get enough of this tune and I found myself listening to it repeatedly, at what my neighbors would most likely call an ungodly volume. It is that good!

This is metal the way it is intended to be; heavy, melodic and begging to be cranked to eleven. I absolutely dig House Of Heavy and believe it is a must have in any metal heads library.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. HoH
02. Warpaint
03. Pure
04. A Hard Mans Lyric
05. Ride Shotgun
06. God Vs. God
07. Broken
08. Tomorrow May Never Come
09. Crash And Burn
10. My Black Rose
11. No Friend Of Mine
12. The Blues
13. Billy’s Got A Gun
14. Stay

Run Time: 62:54