My tastes in music run the gamut, and admittedly are all over the board. I listen to and enjoy pretty much every genre (except country). I basically like good music no mater what it is. That being said I absolutely dig the newest release Beautifully Strange, from HalfDown Thomas, which is due in stores February 17th 2009 on Rock Ridge Music.

The very first track “Come Inside” grabs you by the balls and does not let go. This song is super riff-driven and powerful as hell, especially when cranked up. I had to hear more. When I listen to their music I hear elements of bands such as Pearl Jam, Nickelback and Stone Temple Pilots; yet the band has channeled all of their varied influences into a wall of sound that is truly all their own. I would describe it as a modern rock sound with classic riffs and great big melodies.

I feel the band is at its absolute best on the harder edgier tunes such as the opener “Come Inside,” “Trigger Finger” and “Burn,” all of which are hard and heavy and showcase some amazing guitar work. By far though the song that was hands down the best for me however, is “Beautifully Strange.” The guitar playing on this tune is top notch and the song just rocks, beginning to end.

From a production standpoint this disc sounds freaking great as well it is big and polished and very much radio friendly. I do not feel it will take long for Beautifully Strange to be noticed and when it does, expect to hear it flooding the airwaves. Bottom line, this is a real good high-energy modern rock record and is well worth picking up when it is released.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Come Inside
02. Guiltless (Mend Your Broken Heart)
03. Self Centered
04. Way Down
05. Trigger Finger
06. Beautifully Strange
07. Save The Day
08. Burn
09. Overreaction
10. Weight
11. Lost Change
12. She Falls A Liar
13. Yet To Say

Run Time: 42:34