If Thrash was to choose a successor, I’d say it would have to be Grief Of War. They stay true to traditional, REAL Thrash Metal and while they are based out of Tokyo, Japan, that does not mean that can’t pull some amazing metal out of their asses.

While the instrumentation is in a vein to that of Slayer, the vocalist, Manabu Hirose does not have the same irritating vocals that so piss off so many people (the only reason I’m not a Slayer fan).

Throughout the time I was listening to this album, I caught myself full-out head banging; imagining myself seeing these guys live, and what a show they must put on. It is bands like this that make me wish to visit Japan, simply to see Japanese METAL!

The only thing that pissed me off was the repetition of the lyrics. Throughout the song “Rat Race”, Hirose actually says rat race too many times that I lost count. I realize it is important to get your point across, but sometimes that much repetition can get pretentious.

All in all, the album is still worthy to be on Prosthetic Records, and any label at that. These guys will, without a doubt, help to evolve metal in Japan consequently bringing more sickening metal to the world.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Hatred Burns
02. Rat Race
03. Sown By Greed
04. Don’t Walk Away
05. Distrust
06. Eternal Curse
07. Blind from the Facts
08. Resist
09. Blood Lust
10. The Judgment Day

Run Time: 44:29
Release Date: 02.19.2008