Brief Bio: “Jay: Silent Bob here’s an electrical genius. He won the science fair in eighth grade by turning his mom’s vibrator into a CD player using some chicken wire and shit. The mother fucker’s like MacGyver. No, the mother fucker’s *better than* MacGyver.”

On February 5th, 2009, Punkorama hosts, Barry Taylor & JD are joining forces with the legendary Jason Mewes (of Jay and Silent Bob fame) to bring music, awards, skateboarding, and more to the Sound Academy!! Party jamming performances by ANDREW WK, THE FLATLINERS, DIE MANNIQUIN, THE ARTIST LIFE, KINGDOMS, and THE EXPOS, professional skate demos, video game competitions (fans vs. hosts), Andrew WK and Jason Mewes look a like contest and so much more. And of course, this wouldn’t be an awards show without some awards.

One (1) lucky grand prize winner will win a HUGE prize pack which includes the following: The Artist Life’s – “Let’s Start a Riot” CD, The Holly Springs Disaster’s – “Motion, Sickness, Love” CD, Protest the Hero’s – “Fortress” CD, Underground Operations/The Artist Life lighter, Protest the Hero T-shirt, and pins, stickers, etc.

February 05, 2009.

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