Dirty Little Rabbits’ is the brainchild of Slipknot drummer Shawn Crahan. The band’s newest release Simon is a vast departure from his previous work with Slipknot. Musically speaking Simon is a beat-driven, avant-guard project that is fronted by a remarkable female vocalist, Stella Katsoudas. Katsoudas‘s vocals are stellar and her way with words is quirky and incredibly innovative. Dirty Little Rabbits have cranked out a high energy, superbly off-the-wall album: the kind of music that gets under your skin and begs to be played repeatedly.

There are lots of synthesizers, fuzzy guitars and enough grooves to keep you singing and dancing the whole night long. Just be careful as you might find yourself singing along with the chorus to “Same Mistakes” out loud, (What The Fuck am I doing here). Just be sure no one else is around or it could be a hilariously awkward state of affairs. The tune is captivating and was embedded in my skull for hours after I finished listening to the CD for just the first time. I had to hurriedly listen to it again just to quell the craving.

“Poor Poor Woman With Her Head In The Oven” is shockingly good for an instrumental track, it is a riotous mixture of dissonant, moody keyboards combined with some great guitar playing making it fun to listen to all the way through.

This Is Not A Metal Record! Nevertheless, this record is well worth listening to. About the only downside to Simon is its duration; at just over twenty minutes, I found myself yearning for more… lots more.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Happy
02. I’m So Beautiful
03. Same Mistakes
04. Poor Poor Woman with her head in the oven
05. Hello
06. You Say

Run Time: 22:24