Through The Noise is the first live release from metalcore act Comeback Kid. Usually I am not a fan of live recordings; more often than not they are not the greatest sounding discs and it is difficult to capture the essence of a live show on a piece of plastic. Through The Noise is a different story though. This is a good quality live recording that captures the band at its best. Songs that were heavy on the original studio releases take on a completely new life in a live setting with crowd participation. I believe this disc successfully captures all of that energy and then some.

There are many highlights on this seventeen track offering, but one that really stood out the most to me is “Changing Face ” dedicated to “everyone who does not need to impress.” This is a great song and it is easy to imaging the pit at this show was a swirling hub of activity. Brutal sounding with heavy riffs and some great breakdowns this is great, live, thrashing hardcore.

Everything you would expect from Comeback Kid is in here. Breakdowns, raging guitar riffs and pounding drums are all standard fare on this disc that is guaranteed to please even the most discriminate metal head. With a song list that combines a good mixture of old and new material, including the first song the band ever wrote, (All In A Year) the band really puts their best foot forward.

Bottom line, pick up this album as soon as you can; you will not be disappointed.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. False Idols
02. Die Tonight
03. Braodcasting
04. Partners In Crime
05. Changing Face
06. Industry Standards
07. Defeated
08. All In A Year
09. Step Ahead
10. Talk Is Cheap
11. The Trouble I love
12. Hailing On Me
13. Our Distance
14. Lorelei
15. Wake The Dead
16. Giver
17. Final Reprise

Run Time: 46:52