As I’m greatly interested in Greek mythology, I must say, Apollo Up!’s Chariots of Fire certainly caught my eye. Although there is no actual reference to Greek mythology, this album is impressive nonetheless. I found myself either shamelessly dancing around to music or listening intently. The entire album is filled with fiery energy and irresistibly catchy songs.

Each track melts into the other almost seamlessly. The guitars and vocals move from spastic to smooth without warning. The majority of the tracks are lively and fast-paced with a couple of exceptions. “Even if You Don’t Die” and “Plans” are a little more toned down though not enough to lose your attention.

Their sound is stripped down to basics and raw, yet never boring. The energetic guitar, precise drumming, earnest vocals and witty lyrics keep this album enjoyable. The lyrics are intelligent without seeming pretentious and the vocalist delivers them in a captivating manner.

Smart, spunky and lively, Chariots of Fire is definitely one of kind.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Walking The Plank
02. Invisible Syllable
03. No Song
04. Cut Up
05. Situation: Hot!
06. Even If You Don’t Die
07. Custom Critical
08. The Job’s A Game
09. Tennessee For Victory
10. Plans

Run Time: 36:38