They are Back! Alvin, Simon and Theodore are back and better than ever. The three Chipmunks who made a splash in theatres last year are back with a new CD. Their newest release Undeniable is a riotous mixture of rock and roll and dance tunes that is a fun, enjoyable collection of top-forty tunes designed to appeal to kids of all ages.

This time out the Chipmunks have taken on some quite ambitious covers from some of the music businesses greatest acts of all time. Most notable is their version of Led Zeppelin’s “Rock And Roll”; which is just pure fun. Also included on the disc are versions of Bon Jovi’s, “Livin’ on a Prayer,” Journey’s, “Don’t Stop Believin’,” Blink 182’s, “All The Small Things,” and a terrific rendition of the Rocky Horror tune “Time Warp” that is sure to bring a smile to your face.

By far the tune that stands out the most to me and the one that brought the biggest grin to my face is the Chipmunks version of Chris Daughtry’s, “Home.” It is the major highlight on the disc and one that I am sure will take over the airwaves in a relatively short period of time.

With some extremely fun songs, a good production and some very good musicianship this is a disc that would be worth picking up. It is great fun for the whole family.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. We’re The Chipmunks (Deetown Remix)
02. Shake Your Groove Thing- Featuring Drew Seeley
03. Livin’ On A Prayer
04. Three Little Birds
05. Thank You
06. All The Small Things
07. Acceptance
08. Don’t Stop Believing
09. Ho Ho Ho
10. Rock And Roll
11. Home
12. Undeniable
13. We’re The Chipmunks
14. Time Warp

Run Time 45:42