A tattooed New York Hardcore fan’s back with a Spartan-like warrior wielding a blood-stained sword graces the cover of this album. The album art is wicked and serves as a warning for the 14 explosive tracks which Warriors brings to the table.

Warriors is filled with heavy riffs, change-demanding lyrics, gut-busting beatdowns and everything you’d expect from one of the many bands who helped shape and remain on the forefront of the New York and global hardcore scene. This album is perfect for any fan of true hardcore music and as Roger Miret put it himself, Warriors is “a true collage of every one of Agnostic Front’s records.”

I can see some kids out there not enjoying Miret’s vocals. But really, any fan of hardcore can appreciate the unique and recognizable vocal style. Hardcore is about the lyrics, making a change, being a family, sticking together, standing by your friends and having their backs. The best part of hardcore and hardcore punk is that “normal” people can’t stand it. And those who don’t enjoy Miret’s vocals should check out Vinnie Stigma giving voice to the song entitled “All These Years”.

My favourite track by far is “For My Family”. It’s heavy, fast, has a wicked awesome beatdown and will get you pumped the fuck up! New York Hardcore has, and always will be, the chief cornerstone in the hardcore universe. I can see Warriors being one of the albums which define hardcore and is a definite must-hear for any hardcore fan of the past, present and future. If this isn’t hardcore, I don’t know what is.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Addiction
02. Dead To Me
03. Outrage
04. Warriors
05. Black And Blue
06. Change Your Ways
07. For My Family
08. No Regrets
09. Revenge
10. We Want The Truth
11. By My Side
12. Come Alive
13. All These Years
14. Forgive Me Mother

Run Time: 32:27
Release Date: 11.06.2007