Attention Hardcore fans: Too Pure To Die is back with a heavy-as-hell new record! Ok, so maybe this won’t be available until early 2009, but you can still read about it early, no? TPTD’s hometown, Iowa has seen the rise of some massive bands such as Mushroomhead and obviously, Slipknot. Well now, they can also boast some damn amazing Hardcore as TPTD has dropped a bombshell of a new album! With a style similar to that of traditional Hatebreed, this band does bring a more “real life” than said band’s music, creating a unique sentiment to be heard via their tunes.

When listening to the new record, Confess, you can really hear the change and evolution of each the band’s members. The disc has a more “mature” feel to it, incorporating more elements that were not present on previous work. Maturity and growth aside, TPTD do retain what they are known for (as with he genre in general); breakdowns! They may tend to abuse them, but they do so extremely well.

One of the tracks that struck a nerve of curiosity for me was “Gotham City”. As soon as I read the title I said: “Fuck man. I’m going to like this album just because of that track name.” I was right. The tune is quite catchy and was stuck in my head for ages after I finished listening to the album for just the first time. I had to quickly listen to it again just to satisfy the need!

Another notable jam is “Omerta”, a memorable track which like Lamb of God’s “Omerta”, is about a code of honour used by the Italian Mafia, ‘Ndrangheta, and the Camorra. It’s great how these two bands are trying to renew honour that was prevalent during the 16th century. And it really helps that this song is heavy and aggressive. Kind of sounds like: “give me honour or give me death!”

2009 will see the rise of TPTD and Hardcore thanks to a powerful offering in Confess; a great start to a sickening new year if I may say. I’m sure 2009 will bring us plenty of new music, but thankfully 2009 came early for me.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Confess
02. My Vow
03. Gotham City
04. Can I Live
05. Saving Grace
06. One True Thing
07. Define Irony
08. Rock Bottom
09. Omerta
10. Trial
11. Find My Way

Run Time: 31:35
Release Date: 01.13.2009