Summary: It’s been several years now since my dear friend ordered Revanna, The Reason’s debut album, and was accidentally sent two copies. He was kind enough as to pass a copy on to me for a listen and I’m so thankful he did. Revanna had so many elements to it, it obviously was an album derived from screams and distorted guitars but at the same time every song was based on unforgettable melodies. So when The Reason released their sophomore album Thing’s Couldn’t Be Better it was a huge surprise in the change of genre. The band initially got harsh words for abandoning their original sound but once the new record came out, all harsh words were put to rest.

Now, The Reason is about to embark to North Carolina to record their third record, with a new drummer and a new sense of direction. They are focused on creating great music and as we all know, will deliver. So when I heard The Reason were coming to Zaphod’s in Ottawa, Ontario for a show on October 24th, I grabbed my ticket and at the show pulled Adam White (vocals, guitar, keys) and Jeremy Widerman (guitar) aside to talk about their new material, Tegan and Sara and the old cool dude? Thanks for watching.  [ END ]