“We ain’t got no baseball, no baseball tonight. We ain’t got no football, they’re on strike. But what we have got for ya, is a little bit of what’s going on in London at the moment.” And what that was, was one of the best live performances and recordings of British punk rock in the 80’s. This album is not only a record of the Clash at their peak, but a look back in time at the most exciting period of punk ever. This CD is re-mastered brilliantly and its CD’s like this that make you realise how many classic songs the band wrote and truly makes you realise their place in history that will never be forgotten.

The mixture of classic songs, sarcastic banter throughout the gig and the less well known tracks is just perfect for fans and for those who weren’t lucky enough to be alive during the punk revolution to discover what was going on. I’m also sure that those who were there at the time will find plenty of nostalgia in this CD as the recording takes them back to the gig where they first saw The Clash.

There’s always a danger that after the leader of a band dies, record labels try to cash out and release pointless CD’s that only the diehard fans collect. However, this release is definitely worth a purchase for any person. Even those who have no Clash albums and only know a few singles, this is the perfect CD to get into the band and will encourage you to get the albums too. This CD should be in everyone’s collection. Just to hear “Rock The Casbah”, “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” and “London Calling” live, should be a good enough reason to pick up this album.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Kosmo Vinyl
02. London Calling
03. Police On My Back
04. Guns Of Brixton
05. Tommy Gun
06. Magnificent Seven
07. Armagideon Time
08. Magnificent Seven
09. Rock The Casbah
10. Train In Vain
11. Career Opportunities
12. Spanish Bombs
13. Clampdown
14. English Civil War
15. Should I Stay Or Should I Go
16. I Fought The Law

Run Time: 49:37