Silhouettes of children with rabbit ears, trees, playgrounds and a school are the first images seen when looking at the third The Birthday Massacre album, Walking with Strangers. The imagery is a mixture of innocence and darkness-felt images, hinting at the innocence and mystery portrayed within the music.

The album opens with eerie keyboards to set the mood. Once Chibi’s haunting and lovely vocals begin, she transports the listener to a distant land with the fairy tale imagery in her lyrics. Her vocals are a perfect complement to the heavily distorted guitars. The songs melt into each other seamlessly without leaving the spooky atmosphere created in the first track. From beginning to end, you feel as if you’re listening to a storybook.

“Red Stars”, I found was the shortest but most interesting track. Differing from the other songs that were rife with poppy electro beats, this one started off with a wall of heavily distorted guitars, giving it a grittier, more industrial feel to it.

Walking with Strangers is danceable but not really memorable. The whole way through, the atmosphere and the sound is generally the same. But, for anyone who likes their electro pop a little darker and with more lyrical substance, The Birthday Massacre is a perfect choice.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Kill The Lights
02. Goodnight
03. Falling Down
04. Unfamiliar
05. Redstars
06. Looking Glass
07. Science
08. Remember Me
09. To Die For
10. Walking With Strangers
11. Weekend
12. Movie

Run Time: 49:47