StoneRider, “the greatest rock band in the world” (well ok, not quite yet) are a 4 piece from Atlanta who have some killer riffs. With influences such as Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and AC/DC clear to be heard, what can there be wrong with this band? Well one of the main problems for bands these days is making music that doesn’t sound like what we’ve already heard. StoneRider do scrape past this problem with a unique sounding singer. Truthfully though, the voice can be a little irritating but after a few tracks it starts to blend in with the utterly fantastic music. The riffs, solos and drumming are simply superb. The intro to “Ramble Down” is one of the best opening riffs I have heard this year and the build up at the start of “Juice Down” is just killer.

After the first listen I found myself wanting to dislike the band. The voice was irritating and I was frustrated at the sound, which to me was too similar to any 80’s rock band. However, second time round I found it harder and harder to deny the fact that secretly, I loved it. Yeh sure, the samey-samey genre has been around for decades but if there’s a new band that can rock just as hard as their predecessors did, there is no reason not to give them a listen. Sure the lyrics and vocals are stereotypical of this genre, but the music is simply superb with plenty of hooks and I can only imagine the sheer power of this band live.

Enjoying AC/DC’s new album? Like some classic hard rock? Want to hear a new band already near the peak of their potential? Well StoneRider’s Three Legs Of Trouble would be a good choice of album to buy.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Rush Hour Baby
02. Back From The Dead
03. Ramble Down
04. Juice Man
05. Wild Child
06. Bad Lovin’ Never Felt So Good
07. Hair Of The Dog
08. Bite My Tongue
09. Breakout
10. Shut My Mouth

Run Time: 39:27
Release Date: 01.29.2008