If you know anything at all about Eighties music then you surely have heard of Kix. The band topped the charts with songs that essentially defined the Pop-Metal genre and helped solidify them as true superstars. Tunes such as “Cold Blood” and “Don’t Close Your Eyes” dominated the airwaves and the rock clubs. Fast forward to present day and many of those same bands are making attempts at comebacks with reunion tours and reissues of their old tunes. Funny Money is a different story. The band, fronted by Kix’s enigmatic frontman Steve Whitman, have recently released their latest CD Stick It!. Big sing along choruses combined with fun often tongue in cheek lyrical content and Steve’s trademark vocals make this an extremely entertaining disc to listen to.

Tracks that stand out as favorites of mine are “Big Bang Boom,” “Slow To Blow” and the opening tune “By The Balls.” All three of which are very good rocking tunes that are reminiscent of the decade they helped define.

While Stick It! does not reinvent the wheel, it is a good record and it should be a favorite for the scores of fans out there who either grew up listening to these guys or like their music more along the commercial lines. Stick It! carries on the trademarked sound of Steve Whitman that he has cultivated over the years and does so in a manner that makes Funny Money rock harder than most of their peers. This is good music for fun people so crank it up and crack a beer.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. By The Balls
02. Hot On Your Heels
03. Crush
04. Big Bang Boom
05. All Tied Up
06. Fools Confessions
07. Slow To Blow
08. Nowhere At All
09. Play Me Like A Rhythm
10. Thousand Thank Yous
11. Weeds and Roses

Run Time: 50:34