I am so excited to have heard some excellent music from Earshot; which was a great recommendation from Chris (site founder). It is something that’s a great pick me up for the day… or even longer because good music isn’t something that comes in the mail everyday.

The Silver Lining has an intense mixture of sounds for the ears. There are some really loud and catchy songs, some slow songs that fellow metal heads could dance cheek to cheek to and some that lay smack in the middle. The band has a distinct sound which contrasts excellently with Wil Maritin’s clear voice. Rolling drum beats, edgy guitars, and the aforementioned smooth crooning make for a sweet listen.

“Closer,” the album’s first track, sets the tone and the intensity for the whole album. The raw energy and enthusiasm that the artists put into this one track is carried through the rest of The Silver Lining. It’s what grabbed my attention and made me love it immediately. Sometimes the first song of an album is better than the rest of it, but this was not the case as each song is great for different reasons. The Silver Lining is definitely a creative piece of work and worth a listen.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Closer
02. Don’t Hate Me
03. Misunderstood
04. Wasted
05. Sometimes
06. I Hate You
07. More Than I Ever Wanted\
08. Beside Myself
09. Pushing to Shove
10. Where the Pain Begins
11. Go

Run Time: 42:07