Episode Summary: Rejoice and cast your clothing aside, for The Governor’s Ball is proud to announce the return of the Canadian Metal 3-Pack! In this brand new episode, The Governor shoves a hefty dose of All-Canadian metal down your eager throats. Plus experience the might of three brand new Canadian metal interviews.

The Governor bravely challenges the eponymous frontman of Toronto’s The Exalted Piledriver, and gets the deep and delicious dirt on the brand new album Metal Manifesto. In a shocking turn of events The Governor and vocalist/guitarist James Farwell of Vancouver’s Bison bc are viciously attacked by nightclub music, and James explains why his music isn’t stoner music. Plus a rather manly chat about metal and spirituality with vocalist/guitarist Rob “The Witch” Tremblay of Montreal’s Necronomicon, who are gearing up for their return to Toronto on December 6th at Reilly’s. Plus on “Some Sly Advice” Sly instructs you on the proper way to speak to Canadian ladies.

Download (PART 1): The Governor’s Ball Canadian Metal 3-Pack 2008 – Nov 28/08 (Part 1)
Download (PART 2): The Governor’s Ball Canadian Metal 3-Pack 2008 – Nov 28/08 (Part 2)

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