The Skinny: On October 17th at Zaphod’s Beeblebrox club in Ottawa, Ontario, I got to chill with Justin Dube (vocals, guitar) and Casey Shea (guitar, vocals) of the rock band Everlea. Their combination of catchy melody and indie rock is something not to be missed. These guys are super chill, so much in fact that when I asked to do an interview on the spot, they were down. Their Self-Titled album has been released through Glassnotes Records this past September and is causing a stir.

The best way to describe their music is: the feeling you get at 3 o’clock in the morning when you’re driving you girlfriend home after a party and she’s leaning on your shoulder the whole drive home. There’s a sense of hope and tragedy about their music that is the reason I started listening (and the reason I keep on listening) to their music. I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t know this band? They are just so talented and bring life to a somewhat dead genre. Just writing this makes me want to pop in their CD, and you know what… that’s exactly what I’m going to do, and i suggest you do the same.