Admit it, we have all judged a CD by it’s cover! When I received Anima’s new disc, The Daily Grind I looked at the cover… I saw a naked woman with her organs sliced open and typical black metal writing and I assumed it was a another lame Black Metal band. I was wrong… this was not the case at all with Anima. They enter the music scene with something a little bit different “BlackDeathCore”: a new blend of Black Metal and Death Metal using Metalcore-style breakdowns. Not many bands pull this off, let alone pull it off well.

The Daily Grind starts right away with the song “Behind The Mask”. It’s fast, very intense and within a minute you hear an average breakdown and say “oh that’s okay”, then the song suddenly pauses, there are a few seconds of silence and WHAM!… comes back with a huge sledgehammer to the ribs. Oh my god where did my testicles go? Breakdown!!! I was listening to this CD with a few friends and it made everyone in the room go “Oh crap!”

My personal favorite song is for sure the aforementioned title track. It starts off very black metal-like, then mutates into a hardcore feel with very catchy riffs, then (my favorite part) boasts a near two minute breakdown! This is pretty much like a one-sided UFC fight; a very heavy breakdown that gets heavier… and heavier… and once you’re on the ground thinking it’s over… .you are hit with a 5 second pig squeal leading into a fly on the windshield, pop can demolished by a car, 18-wheeler knocking out road kill breakdown.

This CD is a must have if you’re a fan of The Black Dahlia Murder, Carnifex, Whitechapel, Suicide Silence, or Winds Of Plague. This CD has been stuck in my player for a while; it is filled with tons of solid songs and proves you should never judge a disc by its cover. 10 Sledgehammer shots to the ribs out of 10!  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Behind the Mask
02. There Is Something Vicious
03. Sitting in the Wardrobe
04. Daily Grind
05. Dismembered
06. Wrong Person to Trust In
07. Interferenceima
08. Isolated
09. Ravaged by Disease

Run Time: 33:00