After many demos, Winds Of Plague finally have made a debut album. 4 years in the making, we finally have Decimate The Weak. It starts off with “A Cold Day In Hell” a soft…melodic keyboard with guitar-chugging building up into “Anthems Of Apocalypse” a fast, circle pitting, baby-punching, Hurricane of brutality. Featuring very tight guitars, and double kick fast enough to put the average child into a seizure this song is a bomb way to start the disc.

Winds Of Plague, recently made a video for the song “The Impaler” which has been banned from MTV. That’s right BANNED, makes sense…considering the first line in the song is “Id like to cut you open, like a fucking Pig!” and features the band playing in a hell-like atmosphere filled with heads on spikes…I see now why it is banned. This song is probably my personal favorite; it features a very soft, very heavenly gospel-like choir on keyboards…then it’s instantly destroyed with the heaviest, brutalist, breakdown ever made by humans, I’m pretty sure it broke my speakers. The song “Decimate The Weak” is filled with gang vocals, “I AM SENT FROM HELL” leading into another crushing breakdown, and then the beautiful Kristen on Keyboards, screams like a demon while the band plays a punk-like rhythm. The song “reloaded” also has a hardcore, punk like feel to it.

The whole CD is filled with one crushing song after another, and no fillers. Filled with crushing breakdowns, catchy 2 stepping parts, gang vocals, lead vocals that sound like a pig underwater; melodic keyboards, amazing sweeping guitar solos, and double kick faster than Britney Spears first marriage boom shaka laka. Overall, this disc is tighter than Hulk Hogan’s Headlock. 10 Impaled bodies out of 10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. A Cold Day In Hell
02. Anthems Of Apocalypse
03. The Impaler
04. Decimate The Weak
05. Origins And Endings
06. Angels Of Debauchery
07. Reloaded
08. Unbreakable
09. One Body Too Many
10. Legions

Run Time: 36:00