Hey everyone! On Tuesday, June 10th Too Pure To Die (a.k.a. TPTD) made their way across the border with For the Fallen Dreams and laid the smack down on Toronto. Paul wore dress pants and overalls for the set… his place of business, so I guess very fitting. I had a bomb time, and I’m stoked to hear their new album once they get it done. Anyways kids, I spoke with vocalist Paul Zurlo & guitarist Jordan Peterson about mucho stuff, so without further ado… here’s the gold.

Hey guys, how is everything going?
Jordan: It’s awesome.

Paul: It’s been pretty good, this is our second day on tour with For the Fallen Dreams but we have been on the road for about a week now.

Do you guys have anything that you’d like to talk about?
Paul: Here is an interesting fact; TPTD is now all composed out of one general area. Our bass player is from Minneapolis, the strings and percussion are based out of De Morin, and I live in New York.

You guys are recording your new album at the end of this month (starting of June), give me a heads up on what to expect…
Paul: It’s pretty much the hardest shit of your life. [laughs] Honestly though, we poured everything we have into this new record. It’s been a long time since there has been new TPTD music out so it is also comprised of totally different dudes besides Jordan so it sticks to where the band was but it’s got some new twists on it that I think kids will into.

Lyrically where are you coming from on the new album?
Paul: Lyrically…honestly I don’t usually intend to write about bullshit, I like to write about real things, things that people deal with in their day to day lives. Some dudes like to sing about heart break and stuff like that but my life isn’t miserable, I love my life and I like to surround myself with positive people and that’s pretty much what goes into the lyrics of the band. Positive truthful lyrics.

What do you guys love about life the most?
Paul: Just being able to travel and meet tons of new people and on top of that we get to play our music around the whole world.

It’s all about the experience eh…
Jordan: Yea totally, and all of us have good lives that we go back to at home so were defiantly on the road a lot but we all have good relationships with our families and we all enjoy being home, just as much as doing this.

What are you missing back at home most of all?
Paul: Right now…air conditioning.

Jordan: Yea, our air conditioning just broke. In the past years we have always had air conditioning so were living in a harsh reality. [laughs] Going back to the new record…were trying to put a lot of influences in from all different kinds of music and not just be to concerned about what our fans will think, were just doing what we want to do so there is rock parts, metal parts, and hardcore parts as usual but were just not going to be one thing anymore so were trying to open up.

What music gets played in your van on the road?
Paul: Everyone kind of listens to their own thing when we drive but it all depends on who is driving.

Everyone rocks the headphones?
Jordan: Yea we’ve all got our headphones but when I drive…the new Sevendust is awesome, the new machine head is awesome, I have been bumping those a lot. Our bass player listens to a lot of death metal…

Paul: And I listen to just about everything.

What keeps you guys sane out on the road? What is your version of a good time?
Jordan: We try and give everyone their space, space is most important. Just trying to be understanding of other people.

Paul: Home run derby, and lifting weights.

What is your favorite thing to do out on the road?
Paul: For me personally…Sleep, because I don’t get nearly enough of it at home, when I am at home working.

Jordan: I actually get less sleep at home then I do on the road which is surprising because we all have jobs to. I work pretty early when I get home, I have to be up at 8 a.m. and Paul has to be awake at like…

Paul: 6:30 – 7:00.

If it wasn’t for Too Pure to Die, where would your lives be? [all laugh]
Paul: I would be playing baseball for the New York Yankees.

Jordan: For me, if I hadn’t done music…I probably wouldn’t have gone to college anyways but hopefully I would have had a good job or something. [laughs] It hasn’t been important to me yet but I’m working on it.

What is your favorite thing about Canada?
Jordan: I like Canada a lot, the shows are always good, the kids are awesome and it’s defiantly one of my favorite places to play out of anywhere.

Paul: It is defiantly more laid back up here, everything is laid back… it is just really relaxing.

Jordan: It’s cleaner then the States, I like a lot of the food.

It is very cultural eh; do you guys have any life goals or plans for the future other then the new album?
Paul: Honestly it is just one day at a time.

Jordan: Yea totally, if this album takes off then we might all be here for another 5 years but we don’t really know so were just kind of living.

Any last words for the viewers of PureGrainAudio and the Fans of TPTD?
Paul: Keep it real.

Jordan: For any young kids, who have a band; don’t give up just get in the van and go.

Paul: And we thank you for your time and interest.

So folks, there you have it… Keep it real and don’t give up on what matters the most to you in life.  [ END ]