What is metal without evolution? I’ll tell you… Shit! Metal needs to evolve in order to stay alive. The face of said evolution belongs to five guys that are all part of one influential progressive-metal band; 3. I’m not quite sure, but I’m going to take a stab as to why the band was named 3. The original band was only meant to be a three piece band, hence the name. Aren’t I good at math? I can count! Sorry, spaz moment. Anyway, onto the band’s latest achievement, The End Is Begun.

If any of you haven’t heard 3 before, I would have you know they’re experimental in a Tool sort of way – exploring the unknown. They also have a hint of Opeth’s slow side. With a touch of their own insanity, this makes for one sick combination.

The album’s special edition contains a bonus track titled “See Emily Play.” Now, it’s a bonus for a reason so I won’t give anything away, but it is worth paying the extra few dollars for that track. Plus the special edition has a DVD, containing a small live show, and two music videos! How bomb is that?

In all honesty, words can’t really describe the creativity this band puts forth. The music is utterly mind-blowing. The band has set a the bar so incredibly high, that most bands won’t even dream of competing with them.

On their own path, aside from all metal, 3 will continue to carve the face of rock and metal forever. Why don’t you join them on their new platform?  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. The Word Is Born of Flame
02. The End is Begun
03. Battle Cry
04. All That Remains
05. My Divided Falling
06. Serpents in Disguise
07. Been to the Future
08. Bleeding Me Home
09. Live Entertainment
10. Diamond in the Crush
11. Shadow Play
12. These Iron Bones
13. The Last Day
14. See Emily Play

Run Time: 56:52